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Alta Janitorial Services: The Go-to Sanitization Partners in the Pandemic

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CEO, Fabio DeMelo,Alta-Janitorial-ServicesFabio DeMelo, CEO
It’s important to know the factors worth considering when choosing the right cleaning company. You may feel tempted to choose one that somebody you know already interacted with but that’s not enough. You may also want to limit yourself to companies that charge affordable or low rates. A list which Alta Janitorial tops every time.

What sets Alta apart from other cleaning companies is its efficiency and open lines of communication. The company continuously work with its customers, instead of against them, to solve minor issues before they become major problems. Alta’s team, from ownership through site management, is required to maintain a high level of integrity, ethics and responsibility. The company has a strong presence in states in the West of United States and are currently proving Cleaning Services in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Washington and Texas.

Alta’s employee retention rate is high due to excellent compensation and a mutual respect amongst management and staff. The owners participate in the company’s daily operations and make regular site visits, where various quality control inspections are performed. Most janitorial companies strive to maintain a score of 85 percent on their quality control inspections. Alta Janitorial Services requires the site supervisor and staff to consistently maintain a 90 percent score, or better.

When it comes to high expectations and excellent service, Alta Janitorial Services continues to be selected by corporations and property management firms within the community.

Alta Janitorial is really excited with its growth in the State of California

The company’s experience and ability to provide ongoing customer satisfaction are the reasons customers continue to select us to maintain their buildings. Here are a few things that are different about Alta Janitorial:
• They will provide a minimum of 3 references from current clients.
• They can provide background checks for every employee that will have access to your building.
• They provide a ticket system to make efficient communication in case of special request or complains
• They are very committed to be the best janitorial company in USA

Alta Janitorial is really excited with its growth in the State of California. Its Los Angeles Cleaning services is growing and growing fast! Los Angeles now has the second largest concentration of customer. Alta’s cleaning staff are ready to service any size of cleaning job. They guarantee its cleaning services. The goal is to make sure that clients don’t have to ever worry about cleaning again. The company’s commercial cleaning services is bar far the best rated cleaning services in Los Angeles. The company provides the best cleaning services for offices, construction sites, schools, restaurants, banks etc. Alta can take on any job at any time. All equipment is included at no extra charges when clients hire its Los Angeles Commercial Cleaning services.

Alta’s Account Managers do scheduled inspections of each janitorial services, and deliver a bi-weekly Quality Inspection Outline to its clients. They also prepare Areas of Improvement Plans when those are needed. Alta has been dedicated cleaning services team to delivering quality cleaning services throughout greater Los Angeles area. We are a very customer focused cleaning company and our objective is to put to use our experience, dynamic cleaning professionals. Our Los Angeles cleaning service team is dedicated to delivering 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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Salt Lake City, UT

Fabio DeMelo, CEO

Alta Cleaning services is a professional cleaning company, highly competitive and value-oriented property maintenance company located in Salt Lake City Utah. The company offers janitorial services business in Salt Lake City Utah and many other services such as: house cleaning services, junk removal services and office cleaning services. The company has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality cleaning services at competitive prices. The company is the best choice for quality property maintenance in Utah for every size facility clients. The company offers more than ten years of experience and a full line of Utah house cleaning services

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